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FreeDiff is a free file difference viewer for Windows 95/98/ME - Windows 2000/NT/XP. 
Use it to analyze the changes between two revisions of a file. 

Note: FreeDiff is not an editor.  The differences between files can be viewed but the files can not be modified.

FreeDiff can be used to locate the differences in program source code files, HTML documents, and any other ASCII-based text files.  A color-coded side-by-side display of the comparison results makes it easy to understand the differences between the two files at a glance.  Click here to view the main FreeDiff window.

Other file types can also be compared if they are first saved in a text format.  For example, MS Word documents and MS Excel spreadsheets can be saved in text format and compared.  Two  versions of the System Registry database can be exported from within RegEdit and then compared using FreeDiff.    

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Free of charge!

Search for text within the files 

Differences are shown with color highlighting

Easy navigation from one difference to another

Compares ASCII text files in a side-by-side format 

Differences down to the character-level are shown

Bookmarks can be added to the comparison results

Allows drag and drop of files onto FreeDiff for comparison

Auto-completes file specifications as they are typed in

Ignore Space and Ignore Case comparison options supported

Files can be printed with the differences pointed out

FreeDiff is part of FolderMatch, a file/folder comparison and synchronization utility created by Salty Brine Software. FolderMatch was recently chosen as the Best Overall Utility by the Shareware Industry Awards. For full details, visit the Salty Brine home page.

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This program may be freely used and distributed

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